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Equine Health and Safety Training

Could you confidently help your horse in an emergency?

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If you own a horse its not IF but WHEN  you'll be faced with an emergency.  Colic, choke, lacerations, tie ups, impalement, pain and swelling, eye injuries, hoof injury and disease... we cover it all, giving you the tools to be able to take that first responder role and help your horse, while you're waiting to see a Veterinarian.

At Equi-Health Canada, we offer hands-on, fun and supportive training in the following:

  • Equine Health and Emergency First Aid (level 1)

  • Advanced Emergency First Aid (level 2 /indoor riders)

  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid (level 2 / outdoor riders)

  • Kids Programs - First aid and farm safety

  • Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness

  • Safe Trailering Practices

  • Livestock Handling and Safety for First Responders

  • Customized clinics for specialty groups

All training can be customized to meet your specific needs and experience levels. 

Find a course near you or host one at your barn.

NOTE:  We have options for both online learning live and interactive with a certified instructor or in-person, hands on training   No matter what, we are here to help you keep your horse safe and healthy.

Our Vision

At Equi-Health Canada, we strive to expand the knowledge and confidence level of all horse owners in the area of equine health care and emergency response, as well as disaster planning and safe trailering practices. We do this to help improve the lives of horses, boost the knowledge and confidence of horse owners,  and increase the equine survival rate in an emergency.


We run our education programs through a variety of adult and children's courses. Our classes are available and suitable for all ages, abilities, disciplines and experience levels, which is why someone new to horses will feel completely comfortable, and even the most seasoned horse person will learn something new.

Courses are eligible for:

  • Equestrian Canada CE Credits

  • Provincial Associations of Veterinary Technicians for Continuing Education Credits

  • High School Green/Agriculture Certificate Program credits

  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants CE credits

  • EAGALA CE credits

  • PATH - Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship CE credits

  • Favorable rates for equine mortality Insurance 

Equi-Health Canada
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