Equine Emergency First Aid Training programs for all ages, abilities and disciplins

Want to earn a great income working with horses?  Join our amazing team!


for the life and the love of the horse

Our Vision:

Equi-Health Canada strives to expand the knowledge and confidence level of all horse owners in the area of equine health care and emergency response, as well as disaster planning and safe trailering practices - in order to improve the lives of horses and increase the equine survival rate in an emergency.

With a variety of Adult Courses and Children's Courses available for all ages and abilities, we're sure you'll enjoy the training and even the most experienced horse person will learn something new! 

Courses are eligible for Equestrian Canada coaching credits, provincial Associations of Veterinary Technicians for continuing education credits, high school green certificate programs and for discounts on your equine insurance!

Where does your horse hurt?
80% of all horses function with pain.

A day learning pain identification/alleviation as well as a multitude of life-saving measures is the best gift you could ever give your horse...

Offering hands on, supportive training in:

 equine first aid basics, advanced techniques, wilderness first aid, kids programs, disaster planning, safe trailering and more. 

All courses can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Find a course near you or host one at your barn.

Looking to supplement your income teaching equine first aid and making a difference in the lives of horses?  Join our amazing team of instructors, earn a great income and help horses while you do it!

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Learn bandaging for all types of wounds, and which are the most dangerous!


Learn techniques for every type of wound! From hoof punctures to foreign bodies, hide wounds, burns, bites and more

A cast horse is in trouble in only 2 hours.  Why?

Cast or Downed Horse

Learn how to deal with a down horse, a collapsed horse, and other serious situations

Colic is the #1 killer of horses.  Learn how to recognize early symptoms!


Learn about colic, choke, and other digestive emergencies and how you can help your horse