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If you’re interested in becoming part of having the fastest growing equine career in Canada and the US, then you’ve come to the right place. 

At Equi-Health Canada, we will train you to teach a wide range of courses available for all ages and abilities to individuals and groups in Canada. 


Have you read through the FAQs, the Code of Ethics and the Qualifications?

Decide if the being an instructor for Equi-Health Canada is the right fit for you


Send your applications HERE.

Acceptance is generally within 1 to 2 days.


 We will provide you with all study manuals.  Your job is to get familiar with the content and join the training with enthusiasm. We'll even cover marketing, business development, and more!

Complete Your Training

Upon completion of training - you will be fully qualified and ready to start earning a great income helping horses and horse lovers.

Online Training 

If travel to a training location is not possible for you, online training is now an option!

  • Study Materials

  • Training Videos

  • Powerpoint Presentations

  • Telephone Coaching With Senior Trainers

  • Business manual and marketing materials

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