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Course Listings - Saskatchewan

All training courses are hands-on with horses who are patient and willing. You'll learn through a combination of PowerPoint, video and real-life scenarios how to handle even the most extreme emergency with confidence and skill. No experience is necessary and you'll never be put 'on the spot'... just tactile learning with horses in a supportive and fun environment. From the newbie to the most seasoned horse person... everyone will learn something new! (Eligible for equine insurance discounts, EAGALA credits, PATH credits, IAABC credits, AAVT CE credits, Green certificate and Equestrian Canada credits)

Upcoming Courses

Join one of our upcoming classes or contact us to host one at your own barn!

Apr 6

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid - Marsden, SK

Host: Manitou Lake 4-H Multi Species Club

Instructor: Carolyn Kemps

(306) 221-1299

The course is open to area horse owners with part of proceeds donated back to the club

Apr 20

I Can Help - Kids first aid class (private booking)
& First Aid Fundamentals - Saskatoon, SK

Host: Herds of Thunder Light Horse Club

Instructor: Carolyn Kemps

(306) 221-1299

Apr 27

First Aid Fundamentals (private booking) - Shell Lake

Host: Northern Spirit 4H Club

Instructor: Carolyn Kemps

(306) 221-1299

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1 (888) 938-6687

Sue Watson and 

Kelly Higgins

THANK YOU!  I thought I was a pretty savvy horse person but I learned so many great tips and tricks that I feel SO MUCH MORE CONFIDENT in the care of my horse

Brad Wisby

Spruce Grove, AB

Melanie Maynard

Asquith, SK

...when I got home I found my gelding with his eye swollen shut.  Based on what we learned I was able to help him.  That moment for me and him made this course one of the best investments I have ever made.

Our 2 year old, Jewel caste herself against the outside of the barn wall.  Because of what we learned in your course we were able to get her back on her feet with confidence"

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