Heather Davis, 


Heather has been with us since 2007 and our CEO since 2012.  With a passion for marketing and business development, she has expanded Equi-Health Canada from a small Alberta based business to one with 13 affiliate offices and team members across Canada, the US, Australia and more.


Ross MacInnes,

National Training Director

An accomplished author, speaker and trainer, Ross is one of the founding members of Equi-Health Canada.  Ross is always working towards expanding our programs and improving our content to stay up to date on industry and protocol changes.


Sue McGoldrick,

Social Media Specialist

With a BA in Human Services and a passion for learning, Sue is our social media specialist and content genius!  Sue has positively grown our following exponentially with clever, educational and entertaining content our followers enjoy daily.


Jenn McCarty,

First Responder Relations

A full time RCMP officer, Jenn is an exceptional asset to our team, providing expert input into our training programs around police, fire, EMS and military.


Amanda Preston,

Senior Instructor/Recruiter

With a multitude of talents and endless enthusiasm, Amanda is a champion of our programs and always the first to share her love for teaching with future instructors!