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Equi-Health Canada instructors undergo intensive training, testing,  and must adhere to a high standard, keeping up with ongoing updates and methods as they are presented by the veterinarians on the Advisory Board.  Their education continues as they remain with the organization.

They are under an instructor agreement with Equi-Health Canada and must retain their current and valid certification through a minimum number of teaching engagements per year, a strict code of ethics they must adhere to and they must hold current liability insurance.

ONLY the instructors listed below are CURRENT, INSURED and CERTIFIED with Equi-Health Canada.  If you are being offered a class and you have questions about the qualifications of that person, please contact us.

SR - Instructors with a SR next to their name have been teaching with EHC for a minimum of three years and have successfully completed their re-certification requirements.

ADV - Instructors with a ADV next to their name have completed the Advanced First Aid certification and are eligible to teach the Advanced/Wilderness First Aid course.

DPEP - Instructors with a DPEP next to their name have completed the Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness certification and are trained and eligible to teach that course.

STP - Instructors with a STP next to their name have completed the Safe Trailering Practices certification and are trained and eligible to teach that course.

LHFR - Instructors with LHFR next to their name have completed all requirements in Livestock Handling, Safety and First Aid for First Responders.

INSTRUCTORS (in alphabetical order by first name):

Abbey George
Adelle Stewart - ADV
Anne Bowen - ADV, DPEP
Amanda Abraham - (SR) ADV, DPEP, STP & licensed affiliate

Amanda Pratt - ADV, DPEP

Amanda Preston (SR) ADV

Amanda Tidwell - ADV

Amber Blair

Andonia Reynolds - ADV

April Warrilow - ADV

Barb Reid - ADV

Beth Mincey - ADV, DPEP, STP, LHFR (SR)

Brenda Durham -  (SR)

Brenna Jaycock - ADV, DPEP, LHFR

Brooke Werner - ADV

Brynn Goegebeur - ADV

Caitlin Mendoza - ADV

Cari Ann Dorian - ADV, DPEP, STP, LHFR

Carrie Greer - ADV

Carolyn Kemps - ADV, DPEP, STP & licensed affiliate

Chelsea McKen - ADV, DPEP

Chelsey Westerbeek - ADV, DPEP, STP & licensed affiliate

Chloe Zielke

Christine McMahon (SR)

Christy Geist - ADV

Cory Conley (SR)

Courtney Gledstone

Crystal Casebeer - ADV

Dane McCarty - ADV, DPEP

Darlene Ouellette (SR)

Deanna Neal - ADV

Deanna Wheeler

Denise Pisarski (SR)

Desiree Nelson - (SR) ADV

Diane Belanger (SR)

Dominique Painchaud

Donna Legue - ADV, DPEP

Elisabeth Crabtree - ADV, DPEP

Elisabeth Kunysz - (SR), ADV

Emily Bertrand - ADV

Emily Walker - ADV

Emma Hamilton - ADV

Erhard Marenbach (SR)

Eric Fawcett - (SR)

Estelle Emond - ADV

Georgina Burrell (SR)

Heather Lehman, RVT - (SR), ADV, DPEP, STP, LHFR 

Heather Stuart-Panko - ADV, STP

Jean Kruse - ADV, DPEP

Jenn Burgoyne - (SR) ADV, DPEP, STP, LHFR

Jennifer Jurkowski - (SR)

Jennifer VandenDool (SR)

Jessica Konosky - ADV

Jessica Lavoie - ADV

Jessica Spencer

Joanne Rutley - ADV, DPEP, STP, LHFR

Joelle Goegebeur - ADV

Jodene Ferré - ADV, DPEP, STP

Julie De Grandpré - ADV

Julie Villemaire - ADV, DPEP, STP

Justine Hughes-Ostrowski - ADV

Karen Sepkowski (SR)

Karen Stubitsch - ADV

Kari Hasselriis (SR)

Karla McGee - ADV

Kathy Hiebert - ADV, DP, STP, LHFR

Katelyn Field - ADV

Katie Munro

Kayla Kuebler (SR)

Kayla Smith - ADV

Dr. Kelda Lawlor, DVM - ADV

Kelly Friedrich

Kerry Short - ADV

Kori Levy

Kimberly Johnson (France)

Sgt. Kris McCarthy - ADV, DPEP

Kylie Garchinkski - ADV, DPEP, STP, LHFR

Laine Bennett - ADV

Laura Talbot - (SR) ADV, DPEP, STP

Laurie Spratt (SR)

Leanne Murray - ADV, DPEP, STP, LHFR

Les Oakes - ADV, DP, STP 

Lisa McGee - ADV

Lisa Rochford - ADV

Lori Bumstead - ADV

Lori Valliere

Lynn Backwell - ADV

Lynn Danyluk

Lorena Waldner - DPEP, STP, LHFR

Marsha George - (SR)

Megan Ranger

Melissa Caccamo - ADV

Michelle Hrynkiw

Miranda Wiens - ADV

Morgen Mikhail - ADV, DPEP

Nancy Janssens - (SR) ADV 

Nicholas Olszewski - ADV (Austrailia)

NJ Ainslie - ADV

Dr. Pascal Dubé, DVM

Penny Batherson - (SR) ADV, DP, STP, LHFR  & licensed affiliate

Phairyn Lancaster - ADV

Rachelle Hitchner

Robin A Reeve - ADV, DP, STP

Sabrina Van Schyndel

Sara Lavoie - ADV

Sarah Ford

Shannon Dickey - ADV

Shay Bergunder - ADV, DPEP

Shelby Riche - ADV, DPEP, STP

Shelley Olfert - ADV

Shelley Mottershead (SR)

Shelley Shopsowitz, RVT - ADV

Sonia Gonzales - ADV

Stacey Humphreys  - ADV

Susanne McGoldrick - ADV, DPEP, STP. LHFR

Sue Sweeney-Janes - ADV, DPEP, STP & licensed affiliate

Sylvie Moser - ADV

Tanis Reed - ADV, DPEP, STP

Teri Ann Tate - (SR) ADV, DPEP, STP

Tim Ridsdale - ADV

Tracy Lapping (SR)

Vance Wyatt - (SR) ADV

Veronique Michaud (SR) - ADV

Vicki Bennett - ADV, DPEP

Wanda Hansen - (SR) ADV, DPEP, LHFR

Yvonne MacDonald - ADV


Heather Davis,

Executive Director, 


403-700-9152 direct

Ross MacInnes, 

International Training Director


403-510-8051 direct

Sue McGoldrick,

Instructor Trainer,

Social Media Relations


Cst. Jenn Burgoyne,

First Responder Relations

780-662-0232 direct

Tiffeny Wandler, Phd.

Advisory Board Member


Dr. Brian Taylor, DVM, Advisory Board Member


Dr. David Dempsey, DVM, Advisory Board Member


Derenda MacInnes, Advisory Board Member


Dr. Bertus Badenhorst, Advisory Board Member


Karen McMann, 

Farrier/Hoof Health Support and Advisory Board Member


Junior Instructors - Mentorship Program:

Shaelyn Hardie

Emily Mair

Jasmine Pearson

Carter Voegtlin

Alex Wilson