EHC Scholarship Program

With the current social and economic climate, we have noticed many education-based businesses offering scholarships and bursaries as a way to give back to their customers, clients, and loyal followers.  We want to do the same.

Equi-Health Canada and Equi-First Aid USA wants quality people on our teams based on their background and performance, not because of financial hardship.

Under this program, Equi-Health Canada/Equi-First Aid USA will be awarding 15 partial scholarships to highly qualified individuals who meet all the criteria set out by the company. These scholarships will be distributed across North America. Scholarship amounts are for $1,500 or 50% of the total tuition to become a certified Equine First Aid Instructor. Scholarship also includes $400 worth of course manuals, teaching kit, embroidered vest/jacket and more!

To be eligible to apply you must meet the following criteria:

Be 17 years of age or older 

Be capable of standing for at least 7 hours straight

Be capable of lifting 50 lbs or more

Have a minimum of 5 years in the horse industry with extensive and varied experience

Be confident working with horses of all ages and temperaments

Be confident touching unfamiliar horses, lifting feet, etc.

Have experience and confidence teaching or instructing people

Have some experience with social media and basic marketing

Be a go-getter with a great attitude, tenacity and drive

Equi-Health Canada is an equal opportunity company.   We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religious belief, age, nor sexual orientation.  We welcome applications from everyone.

Applications are open until June 30.  Be an early applicant for a chance to win a $250 vanilla visa!

Check list before you apply:

All questions are short answer, however you will also be asked to upload: 

1. 750 word essay (my future as an equine first aid instructor)

2. your complete resume

3. a generic business plan (examples here:

** When filling out the application form - there is no auto-save.  If you wish to save and continue later, please click the disc icon at the bottom of the scholarship application page and it will email you a link to continue later.